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SALTO - International Circus School is a contemporary Circus School that focus on a more technical approach of a huge range of specialties and performing areas. Integrated in Acro Clube da Maia, one of the biggest and most important Gymnastics clubs in Europe (with medalist gymnasts in European and World Championships), using the best facilities for Circus and Gymnastics, SALTO has the mission to develop artists in Modern & Contemporary Circus that are skilled and gifted with a high individual technical level allowing them to enter any Company or Show around the World.

But Circus is much more than just high technique! With that in mind all the courses have  the approach and connectivity with a range of areas like Anatomy, Nutrition, Circus History, Biomechanics, Dance, Theatre, Acrobatics, Balance, Aereal and Juggling. In summary, all the areas any artist or performer needs to know to have a solid worldwide career.

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