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SALTO - International Circus School is a new project from Acro Clube da Maia (home of some of the greatest Acrobats in Portugal) and all the activities are performed in the club facilities. With more than 2500 m2 of practice area, Dance studios, Conditioning room, fully equiped Cross Training area, medical and physiothepary Clinic, Restaurant / Bar and a Training Center that accommodate 30 beds, it is the best all-in-one facility to train and develop Gimnastics and Circus in Portugal:

- 3 full competition floors (sping, wooden and mats!)

- 4 trampolines (1 of them to the pit)

- Foam cubes pit

- 20-meter long Tumble track (to pit)

- Fast track (to pit)

- 2 full sets of apparatus for Men and Women Gymnastics

- 4 lounges (twisting and non-twisting)

- 14 aereal fixations (including one over the pit)

- Weights zone

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