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Carminda Soares is a dancer and performer. She worked professionally with Victor Hugo Pontes, Eduardo Torroja, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Joclécio Azevedo, Jorge Gonçalves, Catarina Campos, Marianela Boán, Lara Russo and Nuno Preto. She is an associate artist of Visões Úteis during the years 2019/2020 in partnership with Maria R. Soares.

In 2017 begins the project poema [um fragmento] with Maria R. Soares and with the co-production of Teatro Municipal do Porto and Companhia Instável. 

From her dance background, she highlights the Art Factory International contemporary dance program - Dance Start Up VIII, Bologna (IT) directed by Brigel Gjoka. And the Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Composition, held by Companhia Instável, in Porto (PT).

Carminda has a master's degree in Literary Theory and Lusophone Literature from the University of Minho, Portugal.

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