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Circus Arts

2-year Course

When: October to June (2 years)

Workload: 35h/week

Monday to Friday from 09h to 17h

The Circus Arts course is the main educational course of SALTO.
Organised in 2 years in a full time environement, it is dedicated to contemporary Circus School and it is focused on a more technical approach of a huge range of specialties and performing areas.

From a wide spectrum of contents in the first semestre to a more individual and specializes approach in the next 3 semestres, the main goal is to develop artists in Contemporary Circus skilled and gifted with a high individual technical level that are able to enter any Company or Show all around the World.


  • Warm-up -

  • Trampoline & Acro

  • Celective Acro, Juggling & Balance

  • Acting Tools - (Ex: Theatre, Music, Creation Lab)

  • Classical Dance

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Specialty #

  • Conditioning & Flex

  • Individual Training

  • TOTAL - 30h / week minimum

Theorectical I* - Anatomy and First Aid / Biomechanics / Nutrition and Phisiology / Circus History (1st semester) / Circus Arts Tendencies  (1st semester)

Theorectical II** - Anatomy and Basic Life Support / Production / Staging / Introduction to Creation on Performing Arts

Specialty ‡ - EXAMPLES OF SPECIALTY - Korean Cradle, Hand to Hand, Monocycle, Juggling, Tigh wire, Banquine, Trapeze, Silks, Straps, Lira, Rope and many, many more. The idea is to increase the Specialty hours per week during the course and reduce the time spent in general classes: so in 1st semester there are a lot of General Classes and they are reduced during the course increasing the amount of Specialty hours.

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